Since the spring of 2017, I have been a speaker for The New Earth Family, “a vibrant community of spiritual beings who come together to envision a greater world, and to hold the vibration of joy for all beings. Their mission is to provide you with the highest wisdom for living an enlightened life in this time of the great awakening on our planet.”

You can listen to these talks on the Replay Page of The New Earth Family website:

or through the following links:

The call on 6-4-17 was about Raising your Vibration through Creativity:                                 Free Conference Call Replay:

 The call on 5-28-17 was with Judy Cali and about Shamanism:
Free Conference Call Replay:​​
The call on 7-29-18 was with Sara Cerny on Playing with Light Language:
Free Conference Call Replay:
In addition, I did several calls where I was interviewing angelic healer Judy Cali (
1. Replay of the New Earth Family Call 11-26-17:
A heart expanding call on the importance of Gratitude and a really fun conversation on ways to achieve our grandest dreams. Judy always brings such love and joy to these calls and Anna has such fabulous ideas and insights to stretch our Imaginations.
​Free Conference Call HD replay
2. Replay of the New Earth Family Call 10-01-17:
A beautiful call on falling back in love with ourselves. Self-Love is the most important action we can take for our evolution and for the evolution of our beloved planet. It is the KEY to opening the doors to every desire we have in this life experience.
Free Conference Call link from 10-1-17 ​
3. Replay of the New Earth Family Call 8-27-17:
This powerful call was on how we can align ourselves with the powerful energies coming in at this time, moving us into the 5th Dimension where we are living from the heart and experiencing more and more Love and Joy as together, we continue to manifest our New Earth.
Free Conference Call link from 8-27-17 ​