Monthly Archives: November 2018

My New Pain-free Life

Today is an auspicious day for manifesting; 11-11-11. I happened to glance at my computer’s clock at exactly 11:11am this morning and felt the power of these numbers at that synchronistic moment which was letting me know that it is time to connect to the energy and make my dreams a reality. In order to move into the next phase of my life and let go of the pain for good, I made a list of what it would be like to live pain-free. I felt into each one of the following points:

  • I am joyful to be free of pain.
  • I radiate high vibrations around me for all beings to enjoy.
  • I have more energy for my creativity.
  • It is easier to cook, shop, and do errands, and even possible to enjoy them.
  • I can choose to be more active in my community.
  • I can reconnect with physical activities that I love.
  • I can handle stressful situations better.
  • I am free to travel and do amazing fun workshops if I choose to.
  • I am at peace with myself, all parts of me.
  •  I have the energy and ability to beautify my home with de-cluttering and  creating a flower garden.

It is possible to connect into this 11-11-11 portal at other times as well so I will keep imagining my new pain-free life and feeling joyful and happy in my imagination. May we all create a new world with our imaginations, one where all beings live in joy and peace and love, healthy, happy, abundant.